Versatile mid-shad with prolonged profile

Schwan – at 58mm and 3grams, a true guard of the surface to mid range depth, shad/minnow hybrid Schwan offers will be a pleasure to work for the bream/trout angler. Jerk it, twitch it, retrieve it fast or slow, the lure offers stable performance and an appealing wobble.


Name Length Weight Type Hook
Schwan S 58mm 3g Floating (Fixed Weight) #4


Schwan S Reflector Limited!

Reflector is equipped to Schawan S. With standard color line up, effective colors are prepared for low active trout. High appealing colors work on low active trout.
Name Length Weight Hook Type
Schwan S Reflector Limited 58mm 3.0g #4 Floating
Glow Color. Red Glow Color.