Valkein’s entry model, but with excellent design and guide balance.

Recommended for anglers wishing to progress from the area trout beginner to intermediate level for the next step.
Ideal series for bottom fishing!

Break Through XcsFeeD 6’0GL

The short-length ground light type which emphasizes operability. It is ideal for bottoming or minnowing which requires spooning, operability to be applied.

Break Through XcsFeeD 6’1SGL

A first one piece solid model. Compatibility with PE line and fluorocarbon line is good. It handles spoon 1g under. It gives you absolute satisfaction for the bottom fishing.

Break Through XcsFeeD 6’0UL

It is for light spooning cranking and the blank turning direction extends the flight distance and firmly keeps the trout bites coming from various angles.

Break Through XcsFeeD 6’2L

The main model of the XFeeD. It corresponds to the spooning, cranking and minnowing and in a wide range. Blank balance clearly shows the difference between the lines.

Break Through XcsFeeD 6’3SGL

It is the model which lays stress on the handling which reminds us of the DainsleiF. The harder action suits minnowing and on the bottom. It is a hard type to hook it firmly.