The entry model which surpasses the high-specification is available!

The ValkeIN’s new entry model!
The name is Breakthrough Zero Verge!
A new type rod which adopts the high end model action.

Break Through Zero-Verge 6’3XXXGLNEW

The DainsleiF BR series, which embodies Eiichi Kikuchi's style of catching fish by bending and twisting the lure, has been released in an easy-to-use Zero Verge version that even novice anglers will find easy to operate! Taking and strengthening sections of the existing ZV6'3L model, this long stance type rod can be used easily with various lures!

Break Through Zero-Verge 6’0GL 4G

A relatively short overall length makes for easy use. This is an easy to carry design that can be disassembled in 4 pieces. Perfect for anglers who need a compact and easy to carry design for Area Trout Fishing or for fishing in mountain streams.

Break Through Zero-Verge 6’0 UL

This product, the 3rd model of the DainsleiF series will allow you to experience the dynamic movement of trout. It allows excellent casting ability for light lures and allows a flexible reaction to trout bites coming from any angle.

Break Through Zero-Verge 6’0ISS

Based on DainsleiF 6’1 IS-SSL Impact Solid, made by Arakawa the speed star, it has been modified for beginners. The rod is able to work so well with hard baits, with light stretch line you can catch short bites.

Break Through Zero-Verge 6’2GL

Based on DainsleiF 6’0GL, shorter length has been applied for higher and easier control of baits. It has enhanced power slightly than based model, more appropriate model for heavier baits and long casting.

Break Through Zero-Verge 6’0GL

The short-length ground light type which emphasizes operability. It covers all from spooning, minnowing and bottom fishing.

Break Through Zero-Verge 6’1L

The main balancer type. It is an all-rounder type that can be used for the wide range of spooning and cranking.

Break Through Zero-Verge 6’3L

The long stance type which can attack from a wide range A model specialized for the high weight spoons and the deep cranks.